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Research Papers and Studies

CELLFOOD is a proprietary ionic formula that contains 78 ionic minerals,  34 enzymes, 17 amino acids, electrolytes and dissolved oxygen -  and utilizes a unique water-splitting technology. It provides  an unsurpassed oxygen and nutrient delivery system, and is absorbed  quickly and efficiently by every cell in the body. Cellfood's  unique structure oxygenates and feeds the cells - cleaning  and tuning up the body's systems throughout the day. Cellfood  is made from all-natural plant substances, and is yeast-free  and gluten-free.

cellfood_001It's been said that all forms of illness can be traced to two basic causes: too many toxins in the body and too few  nutrients reaching the cells. Cellfood is the only product  that addresses these two vital health issues at the same  time, and with remarkable thoroughness.

Cellfood  is created by a proprietary nine month process in which these  all-natural nutrient-rich plant substances are held in a negatively-charged  suspension of deuterium (an isotope of hydrogen). The result  is a remarkable formulation which -  by utilizing the same  technology used decades ago to split the atom - actually  'dissociates' (splits) water molecules within the body by  weakening the bonding electrons, and gives birth to cascades  of vital, life-giving oxygen. This newly-born oxygen, combined  with an array of vital nutrients, is carried to every cell  in the body - cleaning, toning and building the cells  and tissues hour after hour, day after day. Since our bodies  are over two-thirds water, this oxygen and hydrogen source  is virtually unlimited.


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How Does Cellfood  work?

When you mix Cellfood with water or juice and ingest  it, its proprietary water-splitting action begins the moment  you take the first sip. This cascading time release of oxygen  typically peaks within 8-12 hours, and then keeps working hour  after hour. In partnership with the body's own natural intelligence,  Cellfood releases oxygen whenever and wherever it's needed - and if no longer needed, no more is released. And, its essential  natural minerals, enzymes, amino acids and electrolytes are  delivered simultaneously throughout the body on the deepest  cellular level.

Cellfood is a miracle of electromagnetic design. Since  Cellfood is colloidal and negatively charged - just like  the blood and lymph fluid - there is a natural synchronicity  between these fluids. Cellfood and its nutrients move through  the cell walls easily, and its vital nutrients are absorbed  and assimilated quickly and efficiently. And, Cellfood is  a di-pole, di-base delivery system, delivering its nutrients  to the cells and tissues under any conditions. (Di-pole means  Cellfood is effective in any polarity range of the body; di-base  means it's effective in any pH range and will tend to normalize  the body's acid/base balance). Therefore, Cellfood is exceptional  as an overall delivery system not only for its own nutrients,  but for increasing cell-absorption (by as much as 3-5 times)  of any other nutrients or substances introduced into the body  within the same 24 hour period. Notably, there is no known  toxicity associated with Cellfood.

Importantly, Cellfood won't create free radical damage. Free  radicals - believed to be a primary cause of aging and  disease - are positively charged ions of oxygen. Since  Cellfood's released oxygen molecules are negatively charged,  they seek out and attract these dangerous  free radicals, joining with them to form stabilized oxygen.

Directions  for use

Adults  take 8 drops in 8 oz. of purified or distilled water, or juice,  3 times per day - or during stress or physical activity.  May be taken with or without meals. You may mix 1 day's amount in water bottle and sip throughout  the day. Each 1-oz. bottle  of Cellfood contains 90 servings  of 8 drops each, or 720 drops.


Some  may experience a cleansing or detoxification response. If  so, halve dosage at beginning, then gradually resume full  dosage.


Keep out of reach of children. Avoid eye contact; rinse well  if dropped in eyes. If pregnant, nursing or under medical care, consult your health professional.

Care when pouring

Pour with care. Before Cellfood is mixed with water or juice, its beneficial organic enzymes can compromise countertops, clothing and other surfaces. Store bottle on tray.

Topical  applications

Cellfood has been formulated in a special gel base for external topical use  Cellfood Oxygen Gel. Made from Cellfood original liquid concentrate, aloe vera, chamomile, glycerine and fossilized organics.

1-ounce  bottle = 30-day supply

Cellfood comes in a 1-ounce unbreakable bottle that provides a 30-day  supply when taken as directed. The suggested retail price  is $29.95.

These  statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product  is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  If under medical care, or if pregnant or nursing, consult  a health professional.


Research  Studies & Lab Tests

In  order to assure its potency, effectiveness, and reliability  as a first line approach to overall wellness, Cellfood undergoes  an ongoing regimen of rigorous laboratory testing.

The  following PDFs, highlighting a number of such tests, are available
for reading, downloading, and/or printing:

USP  Challenge Test
A well-known test showing the ability of a substance to retard  the growth of tested pathogens.

Microbial  Test for Log Reduction
Tests for a product's ability to kill organisms in drinking  water.

Antimicrobial  Preservative Effectiveness Test
Demonstrates the effectiveness of a substance when used  as a preservative or additive-- to stop the growth of pathogens.

Dissolved  Oxygen
Tests for the amount of dissolved oxygen in water, and can  demonstrate an increase in oxygen over time.

Electrolyte  Test
A test that demonstrates a substance's ability to conduct  electrical impulses.

University  of Pretoria/Blood Profile Test
A series of double blind placebo clinical tests on professional  and amateur athletes, measuring several indicators of blood  health. Summary  also available.

Surface  Tension Study
A laboratory study on the effect of Cellfood on the surface  tension of water, indicating a shift toward the same surface  tension as extracellular body fluids.

Darkfield  Microscopy Study
Clinical Observations on the nutritional efficacy of Cellfood  utilizing Live Blood Analysis and Dry Blood Analysis microscopic  evaluation procedures.

Zeta  Potential Analysis
A study to determine the colloidal nature or behavior of Cellfood;  an analysis of the extent to which Cellfood functions in a  manner similar to, and compatible with, body fluids.

Biological Antioxidant Potential Study
A study to test the hypothesis that Cellfood is able to reduce oxidative stress in vivo due to its intrinsic antioxidant properties in vitro.

Fibromyalgia Study
A study entitled "Efficacy of Cellfood in Patients Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia done at the University of Siena, Italy. Summary also available.

Cellfood and Patients with Asthma
A pre-study trial measuring the effects of Cellfood on patients with asthma.

Acugraph Study
A study of eight test subjects measuring the effects of Cellfood on meridian imbalances, utilizing the AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging System. An additional case study -on one subject- is provided. and herbs.


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None of the statements on this website have been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).  They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.  Furthermore, none of the statements on this website should be construed as making claims about curing diseases or dispensing medical advice.

Please consult a physician or another health care provider before trying any nutritional supplement, making changes in your diet, or doing new exercises, especially if you are pregnant or have any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries.

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