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Fish Oil and Cod Liver Oil
Sources of Omega3

Fish Oil and Cod Liver Oil Contain Powerful
Anti Inflammatory Omega3 Fatty Acids



Fish oil and cod liver oil contain potent anti inflammatory factors including omega3 fatty acids.  Omega3 is a type of fatty acid that is considered essential by your body, but is not manufactured directly by your body.  This means you need to consume them in one form or another.  Some of the foods high in the omega-3’s include fish oil (and salmon oil is even higher in anti inflammatory factors compared to other fish oils), flax seed oil, walnuts, some greens, pasture raised beef and dairy, including butter and eggs,and cod liver oil.  Some common omega3 fatty acids include EPA, DHA and ALA. 


Fish Oil Benefits

Very Potent Omega3 From Moxxor
Omega3 Fish Oil Sources

Many studies have shown numerous fish oil benefits, and much of this seems to be due to the omega3 fatty acids that they contain.  These fatty acids including DHA and EPA can boost many heart and circulation functions.  They have been shown to be of benefit in lowering cholesterol, especially the HDL (“bad”) cholesterol, and also in lowering triglycerides and lowering blood pressure.  A recent study has linked fish oil omega3 with protection from accumulating a protein in the body that may lead to Alzheimer’s.  At least some of these fish oil benefits seem to be due to their anti inflammatory properties, so it’s a good idea to look at some other sources of these omega3’s and what type of anti inflammatory potency they have. 

Greenlip MusselsOmega3 from Greenlip Mussel Like in Moxxor is Very Potent

For example, many studies have shown the health benefits of omega3 from the greenlip mussel, which has a much higher anti inflammatory potency than even fish oil, salmon oil or cod liver oil.    A University of California study  showed lowered arthritic symptoms in those using the greenlip mussel.  One good supplement that contain greenlip mussel oil is Moxxor.

Other  research has shown omega3 from fish oil to be very important to joint and respiratory health, and it may also help with dry eyes, depression and skin conditions such as psoriasis.

Omega3 Fish Oil Sources

EPA and DHA are types of omega3 that are found in animal foods, especially fatty fish.  But with fish you have to be careful about the source - much of our fish is contaminated today with mercury, PCBs and more.  They also are found in abundance in cod liver oil and fish oil, as well as in krill oil and in greenlip mussel oil, which is why many health care practitioners suggest supplementing with these oils.  The EPA and DHA found in greenlip mussel oil and krill oil seems to be absorbed much more completely and is easier to digest for many people.  If you have problems with fishy tasting burp-ups with fish oil or cod liver oil, you may not be digesting the EPA and DHA properly.  In this case, we highly recommend greenlip mussel oil, such as is found in Moxxor.    The greenlip mussel oil has also been shown to have much higher potency as far as an anti inflammatory, 158 times higher than that of fish oil.  So if you have any anti inflammatory condition, we also highly recommend getting your EPA and DHA in the form of green-lip mussel oil such as is found in Moxxor, instead of with fish oil. 

In addition, since greenlip mussel oil is so well absorbed and utilized in the body, you can take much less of it than fish oil, for the same or better results.  This makes it very easy to take, even for those who have a hard time swallowing pills.

ALA is a third form of omega3 that is found in plant foods, but in order to be most useful to the body, this ALA needs to be converted in the body to EPA and DHA.  Unfortunately, the conversion does not seem to happen in all people, depending on their state of health, and in most of us, is very inefficient.  You can find ALA in plant foods like flax seeds, flax oil, and walnuts, but most experts caution against thinking you can get all the EPA and DHA you need from plant foods.

If you do not take fish oil or cod liver oil or another type of seafood oil, are you getting enough omega3 in your diet?  Most people today are deficient!  Try adding some fish oil, cod liver oil or greenlip mussel oil to your diet, and take it for at least 2 months to see how you feel.  It can take time to build your stores of EPA and EHA back up.  Many health care practitioners think most of use should be taking some type of fish oil or omega3 fatty acid supplement for life! 

NOTE:  Some people have taken fish oil for years, and never noticed a difference.  But that may be because your body is not absorbing it or able to utilize it that well.  If this is the case, a trial of the greenlip mussel oil or krill oil may be a good idea.

Moxxor Greenlip Mussel Oil and Powerful Antioxidants


Moxxor™:  A Powerful Supplement
All-Natural Omega3
Antioxidants - Vitamin E

** From New Zealand - Pure - Pristine **

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