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How To Lose Weight Fast

How To Lose Weight Fast - Weight Loss Tips

How to Lose Weight Fast 
8 Metabolism Boosters:

Add Coconut Oil to Your Healthy Eating Plan

Drink Green Tea and/or Yerba Mate Tea

Lose Weight Fast - Add Whey Protein Powder and Other Protein to Your Healthy Eating Plan

Use Spices Liberally

Reduce Thyroid Problems

Eat Low Carb

Lose Weight Fast With Lots of Exercise

Drink Lots of Water

So many people are interested in how to lose weight fast, we thought we’d put together a page on How To Lose Weight Fast.  But first we want to say that the only way you can lose weight fast in a healthy way, is to incorporate some exercise, even lots of exercise, into your weight loss plan.  If all you do is cut calories, you will be eating far too few calories to get all the nutrients you need.  Most people who go on low calorie diets for a short period of time just gain all the weight back and then some, shortly after they go off their diet.

Also, we personally do not think that weight loss pills are good for your health, and do not recommend that you use them to help make your weight loss happen quicker.  But here are some healthy weight loss tips that will help show you how to lose weight fast:

How to Lose Weight Fast - Boost Metabolism

If you want to know how to lose weight fast, one of the best weight loss tips we can give you is to do things that will boost your metabolism.  If you metabolic rate increases, you will be burning more calories, regardless of the exercise you do.  You can even eat the same number of calories, and lose weight if your metabolism goes up. 

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There are several superfoods that can boost your metabolism that we highly recommend if you want to lose weight fast:

  • Coconut Oil and Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)
  • Green Tea and Yerba Mate Tea
  • Whey Protein & Other Proteins
  • Spices

Coconut oil, green tea, yerba mate tea, whey protein and other proteins, and certain spices are all known to be thermogenic.  This means that they boost your metabolism, and that is one way how to lose weight fast!   In addition, boosting thyroid function, eating low carb, getting more exercise and drinking more water can also all boost your metabolism.  Read on for more Weight Loss Tips on Losing Weight Fast:

How to Lose Weight Fast - Coconut Oil is a Superfood!  Add Coconut Oil to Your Healthy Eating Plan

If you want to lose weight fast, try adding 1-2 Tablespoons of virgin coconut oil or a high quality expeller-pressed variety to each meal.  If you don’t like the taste of coconuts, choose the expeller-pressed type of coconut oil.  Just make sure the coconut oil you buy is NOT hydrogenated, as any  hydrogenated oil is very bad for your health.  Some people make a green tea and add the coconut oil to the tea, and drink it before their meal, this can also help you to eat less.

How to Lose Weight Fast -  Drink Green Tea and/or Yerba Mate Tea

Both green tea and yerba mate tea are thermogenic; in fact, yerba mate is known in South America as a “weight loss wonder.”  Both of these teas are good to add to your healthy eating plan when you want to lose weight fast.  Just stay away from added sugars or you will add more calories to your diet.

How to Lose Weight Fast - Add Whey Protein Powder and Other Protein to Your Healthy Eating Plan

Action Whey 75px X 112 highThe third one of our weight loss tips is to add more protein to your diet.  Protein can both help you to feel more full as well as slow down the absorption of carbohydrates and sugars into the bloodstream, which can help you to lose weight fast.  It is also thermogenic, and hence can help boost your metabolism.  Whey protein powder is a complete protein and a very easy and convenient way to add more protein to your day.  Just make sure and choose a whey protein powder that has not been treated at high temperatures as this denatures the protein and makes it less digestible.  One we highly recommend is Action Whey™ by Emerald Express.

How to Lose Weight Fast - Use Spices Liberally

How to lose weight fast – add spices to your diet!  Some herbs and spices are also thermogenic, like turmeric, ginger, cumin and hot peppers.  But be careful, if you add too many hot peppers, you may end up with other problems as they can irritate the lining of the esophagus and stomach.  Many of these spices are contained in curry, so one way how to lose weight fast is to eat a curry dish several times per week.  In addition, many curry sauces contain coconut milk, which contains lots of coconut oil as well – another metabolism booster!

If you tend to put on weight on your midsection, another spice to add to your healthy eating plan is cinnamon, which has been shown to help lower blood sugar, but you probably need at least a teaspoon per day to have a significant effect.

How to Lose Weight Fast - Boost Thyroid Function and Reduce Thyroid Problems

Many health care professionals think that part of the seeming epidemic of being overweight and obese that we are seeing in America and even in other places in the world today is due in no small part to an epidemic of thyroid problems.  One of the functions of the thyroid is to regulate metabolism, so when you have an underactive thyroid, one of the major symptoms can be weight gain (along with low energy, cold hands and feet and hair loss).  Often, this weight gain comes even though you have not increased the amount of calories that you eat.  You may have an underactive thyroid even if your blood tests are normal. 

If you want to read more, there is a lot more information on Thyroid and Weight Issues on our Sister Website:  Healthy Eating Rx.  But a few things you can do to naturally boost your thyroid function are:

  • Add coconut oil to your diet
  • Add some iodine to your diet – seaweeds are good for this, including kelp and bladderwrack.  Alternatively, you can add a seaweed superfood capsule, like Emerald Sea™ by Emerald Express™.
  • Get some exercise every day – rebounders are especially good for thyroid health

If you think you may have a problem with heavy metals, try to slowly detoxify yourself from them.  Many people with thyroid problems did nothing else but eliminate the heavy metals from their bodies, and their thyroid problems simply went away.  One easy way to do this is simply by adding the seaweed to your diet or a seaweed superfood capsule.  Another is adding whey protein powder, as whey helps to boost your detoxification capabilities.  Another is to add the superfood chlorella, along with some cilantro tincture.  But go slow, as you don’t want to overload your body, or you can feel sick while you are detoxing.  This can be a long process, and may be best undertaken under the supervision of a natural health care professional.

How to Lose Weight Fast - Eat Low Carb

If you want to lose weight fast, you probably will have to cut back on the carbohydrates you are eating.  Many people who go on low fat diets actually gain weight because they increase the amount of carbohydrates they are eating.  Out of all the weight loss tips, this one is especially important if you tend to put weight on around your midsection.  If this describes you,  that means you probably have at least some degree of insulin resistance, and that can make you put on the pounds even if you are not eating a lot.  Just make sure you don’t cut out all the carbs, that is usually counter-productive, and can make you feel bad – depressed and moody.  Some professionals recommend no more than 1/3  to cup of rice or pasta, or 1 slice of bread per meal. 

How to Lose Weight Fast - Get Lots of Exercise!

One of the best ways how to lose weight fast without gaining it all back very soon after you go off your diet, is with regular, daily exercise.  Not only do you burn calories while you are exercising, but exercising helps to keep you from hitting a weight loss plateau.  Many people who lose weight fast do hit one of these plateaus.  This happens because your body senses you are losing a lot of weight, and perhaps not eating very many calories.  So your body decides to conserve calories – ‘what if not enough calories come in to meet my basic needs?’, your body thinks.  Then your metabolism tends to slow down, and even if you are still eating a lot less than before, you might actually stop losing weight!  Who wants that, no weight loss despite great effort???  No one, we would venture to say.

So you need to exercise.  Most experts say that 45 minutes to 1 hour per day is enough to keep you from hitting that plateau, but some need more.  In addition, if you have a goal of losing a certain amount of weight in a short period of time, say, to go to a wedding or to fit better into your bathing suit, one way how to lose weight fast is to exercise a lot!  If you have the time and energy, try 2 or even 3 hours per day.  But at least 45 minutes of vigorous walking is necessary if you are serious about losing weight fast.

How To Lose Weight Fast -  Drink Lots of Water

Out of all the weight loss tips, this one is very simple, but if you want to lose weight fast, water is important!  In order to stay hydrated, most people need water along with other beverages like Green Tea and Yerba Mate Tea.  If you do not stay well hydrated, your metabolism will slow down and you will burn fewer calories while resting.

Summary:  How To Lose Weight Fast

Here are our weight loss tips on how to lose weight fast and fit into your bathing suit before summer comes or for any number of other reasons.  It all boils down to increasing your metabolism, and most of these tips can help you with just that:

  • Add Coconut Oil
  • Drink Green Tea and/or Yerba Mate Tea
  • Add Whey Protein Powder / More Protein
  • Use Spices Liberally
  • Boost An Underactive Thyroid
  • Eat Low Carb
  • Exercise a Lot!
  • Drink Lots of Water


How to Lose Weight Fast: 
Boost Your Metabolism!
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