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Whey Protein Powder
Another Nutritional Supplement -
Can It Benefit You?


Many people have heard of taking whey protein powder as a nutritional supplement, but often they think it is just body builders or endurance athletes who need it.  Although it is great for athletes as it can help you to build more muscle tissue, and help you to recover from work-outs more quickly, it actually helps with a lot of other functions in the body.  Here are just a few:


Whey Protein Powder Can Help Boost Your Weight Loss

Whey protein powder as a nutritional supplement can be a healthy addition to any weight loss regimen, because it can help you have more of a full feeling after eating, and the protein can also keep you from getting hungry for a while after your meal.  Protein has also been shown to help increase your metabolism, so you burn more calories, even without exercising, and whey protein powder, in the right form, is an easy to digest form of protein.  In addition, some whey protein supplements are low in carbohydrates which many have found helps them to lose weight.

However, many of these whey supplements on the market today have a lot of sugars and sweeteners added in, and also artificial sweeteners, colors and flavorings as well.  In addition, they are often made with whey that is heated to high temperatures, which denatures and damages the delicate proteins.  So, like with any nutritional supplement, you want to choose this one very carefully. 

Look for one with less than 100 calories per serving and less than 5 grams of sugar per serving  that uses raw whey that has not been denatured, like the Whey Protein Powder we highly recommend, Action Whey™.

Whey Protein Powder:  Fight Aging With Whey and Glutathione

Many researchers in the health field agree that  aging is due in large part to the destructive role that antioxidants play in our bodies, so boosting antioxidant levels may slow down aging as well as age-related diseases.  Whey protein powder can help you body make more glutathione, a very powerful antioxidant, but only if it is undenatured

Studies have linked glutathione levels with life spans, and this is probably due to it being a master antioxidant and essential to all living cells.  Glutathione production can be augmented by taking a high quality whey protein powder supplement, especially one that contains high levels of the amino acid called cysteine.  In fact, the availability of cysteine in the body seems to be the determining factor in how much glutathione the body can produce.  You are probably getting some cysteine in your diet right now, but many think that the average person is still deficient.  If this is the case for you, whey protein can be a useful addition to your diet, especially if you make sure and use a brand of whey where it is not heated to high temperatures so the cysteine is not damaged or destroyed.

Unfortunately, most whey protein powder supplements on the market today have been heated to the point where the amino acids are denatured, so you need to choose wisely.

Try the high quality Whey Protein Powder we have researched and recommend.  

Whey Protein Powder Can Boost Your Immune System

Whey protein powder is often high in some immune-boosting components like lactoferrin and immunoglobulins.  In addition, boosting glutathione levels, like whey can, also helps to boost immune function.  But some of these powders are higher in substances like lactoferrin and immunoglobulins than others, so once again, you need to do your research carefully. 

Also, some whey proteins are higher in cysteine than others, and hence can help your body make more glutathione.  Last, but not least, it is very important that the whey you consume has not been heated to high temperatures, like many of them are.  This can destroy and denature many of the substances likely to benefit your immune system the most.

Whey Protein Powder, Glutathione and Detoxification

Undenatured whey protein powder that is high in cysteine also seems to be very beneficial in helping the body to detoxify from many of the various chemicals in our environment today.  That is because glutathione levels can be boosted with whey protein intake, and glutathione is used by the body in the work of detoxifying chemicals.  In fact, there are so many chemicals that we have to detoxify from, that many who do not take glutathione-boosting supplements may find themselves deficient.

In addition, many other amino acids found in whey protein are also used in the work of detoxifying, along with many minerals.  That is why we recommend the use of a natural mineral supplement like Emerald Sea™ as well as an undenatured whey protein powder like Action Whey™.

Another brand you might want to check out that comes close is Dr. Mercola’s, but the carbohydrate calories are higher, and it does contain nonfat dry milk, which we do not recommend consuming on a regular basis.

Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant
and best kept secret to maintining health.”

Theodore Hersch, MD, Harvard Graduate &
Professor of Medicine Emeritus Emory University

Whey Protein Powder - Action Whey

Emerald Express™:  Action Whey™
High Quality Whey Protein Powder

  • Non-Denatured Protein
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Pasture-Fed Cow’s Whey
  • Hormone and Pesticide-Free


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