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Organic and Natural Skincare

Natural Skin Care – Organic Skin Care – Why?
Relevé  Best Brand?

Natural Skin Care Nourishes Your Skin

Conventional Skincare - Dangerous?

Organic Skin Care - Worth the Money?

Natural Skin Care Ingredients

Natural Skin Care - Recommended Brands Include Releve

Natural Skin Care Top Brand:  Relevé

Natural skin care and organic skincare can be more expensive, (but NOT always!)  So, does it really make a difference to your skin or to your body? 

Well, first of all, you need to keep in mind that your skin is porous and many things you apply to your skin are absorbed by your body and even delivered to other parts of the body after being picked up by the blood stream.  After all, that’s how prescription drug patches work.

Conventional Skincare and Cosmetics Can Be Dangerous!

Cosmetic regulations were determined over 50 years ago, back when many assumed (incorrectly) that these types of products have no effect on our health, and that they were all safe.  At that time, many thought that the skin formed a protective barrier, and that anything you put on your skin wouldn’t get into your body.  but as we noted above, this is simply not true.  It is now generally accepted that chemicals in general get through the skin layers, and some do so in large amounts.  That’s one of the reasons why using a natural brand like Relevé can make such a big difference in your overall health, as well as making your skin look great!

Many people are concerned about the potential for rashes or other allergic reactions when they use cosmetics, but simply don’t think about the fact that there may be toxic chemicals in their cosmetics if they are not using natural skincare, and that these cosmetics  may affect their health over the long term.  Many, many skin care products on the market today contain chemicals that can adversely affect your health when you use them day after day, year after year.  In fact, it has been estimated that the average woman absorbs up to 5 pounds of these chemicals every year!  In addition many of the chemicals used in cosmetics have never actually been tested for safety, and some are even known or possible carcinogenics!

Some companies who sell conventional skincare are adding some more natural ingredients,like vitamins A, C and E, which are all well-known antioxidants, but does that make their skincare natural?  No, often small amounts of natural ingredients are added along with the toxic ingredients, and then the product is labeled ‘natural.’  in fact, there are no FDA or other government standards for what ‘natural’ means in the skincare and cosmetic industry.  Some companies make a ‘natural’ skincare line and a conventional skin care line, and simply add a small percentage of natural ingredients to their same conventional formula full of chemicals that have not been proven to be safe to apply day after day on your skin.  If you want to get something really natural, you need to look for a brand like Relevé that is not just calling themselves “natural skincare” for marketing purposes.  And these brands are really rare today.

Natural Skincare Products like
Relevé Nourish Your Skin

So what you put on your skin certainly does matter, especially over time.  If you use natural skincare products, like the Relevé product line, you will be feeding your skin with natural nutrients that your body absorbs and can even use in other places than the skin.  On the other hand, if you use a conventional skin care products, like a chemical skin peel for peeling your skin, for example, instead of a natural organic skin peel, your body will be absorbing some of the chemicals.

Releve Natural Skin Care

Relevé Natural Skin Care

Natural, Organic, Safe

Are Natural or Organic Skincare Products Really Beneficial?

Well, we’ve already told you above that it does make a difference, but you have to make sure you are really getting a good, healthy, natural product.  Many brands call themselves “organic skin care” or “natural skin care” just for the hype.  They know they can sell more when they put “organic” or “natural” on the label.  But often they contain only a very small amount of organic or natural ingredients, and they contain many synthetic and toxic ingredients, like synthetic preservatives.  Relevé is not like that, and that’s why we highly recommend them.  Alchemilla is another good natural skincare brand.

Alchemilla, Ultra-Pure Skin Care

While even a good organic skincare line will not necessarily contain only organic ingredients (some of them are still very hard to source), it should nourish your body and not contain any substances that could be harmful to you.  You might think that anything toxic would be banned from skin care products, but that is unfortunately just not the case.  There is very little regulation of the cosmetic or skin care industry.  So do your homework, and use Relevé or Alchemilla, or another brand of skincare that is truly natural.

Natural Skincare Ingredients

There are many healthy ingredients that natural and organic skin care products like Relevé contain, and these include:

  • Seaweed Extracts
  • Algae Extract
  • Flavinoid-Peptide Complex (to boost collagen)
  • Beeswax
  • Clay (high in minerals) and Fulvic Acid Mineral Clay Extract
  • Vitamins A, C and E
  • Grapeseed, Coconut & Olive Oils
  • Shea Butter
  • Jojoba
  • Green Tea
  • MSM
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Raw Honey
  • Plant-based hyaluronic acid
  • Some synthetic chemicals that you want to avoid in your natural skin care products include:
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  • Mineral Oil (petroleum-derived)
  • Paraben preservatives
Natural Skincare - Recommended Brands
Releve and Soignee

Relevé Natural Skin Care

Soignee Natural Skin Care

Releve Organic Natural Skincare
Soignee Natural Skincare

Relevé Natural Skincare - Our Top Recommended Brand

Relevé is a revolutionary new generation of 100% organic skincare  products that will literally transform your skin, reduce the effects of  aging, and enhance your natural beauty - from the outside in! This  fast-acting, non-toxic breakthrough line provides the ultimate  nutritional support to give you the smoothest, softest, healthiest skin. Releve can also help dramatically improve wrinkles, tighten sagging facial and neck skin, and correct acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, rashes and large pores with continuous use. Made ONLY with the finest organic and  wild-crafted ingredients, Relevé products contain NO chemicals or toxic preservatives, and will perfectly balance oily, normal, dry or  combination skin. Experience the natural difference with Relevé!

Collagen and Natural Skin Care
Best Eye Cream with Natural Ingredients

Alchemilla Skin Care - All Natural Skin Care, hand-crafted in Oregon from Pure, Organic Ingredients

New Recommendation:  Alchemilla Natural Skincare

Alchemilla has an ultra-pure natural skin care line, with pure formulations that are designed to nurture your skin and contribute to a visible, healthier glow.  They create each product in small batches, and base their products on healing plant ingredients that give your skin what it needs to thrive.

Alchemilla natural skincare products contain NO toxic chemicals or synthetic fragrances.  The herbs and flowers found in their products are grown organically, without chemicals or are wild-harvested in the company’s own Oregon-based herb garden.

They focus on quality rather than quantity.

More on Alchemilla Natural Skincare


Natural Skincare and Vitamins

Did you know that you can have more beautiful skin by the way you eat as well as using natural skincare products?  If you are concerned about your skin, some of the most important nutrients to get enough of in your diet are:

So in addition to checking out our natural and organic skincare recommendations, try to make sure you are getting enough omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants (berries are great to add to your diet for antioxidants!).  You might want to add a few all natural supplements as well.

Natural Skincare and Fragrance

First of all, if your skincare is truly natural skincare, it will not contain synthetic fragrance, as these are made up of thousands of chemicals, and many of these chemicals are toxic.  However, like many products that are labeled natural, many “natural skincare” products do in fact contain synthetic fragrance, so you really want to be careful.  Studies vary, but it appears that 15 - 25% or more of the population is actually sensitive to fragrance.  Many people get headaches, nausea or lightheadedness from fragrance and don’t even know it.*  If you still use products with fragrance in it, you might want to abstain for a few weeks and see what type of effect it has on you.  Many people are pleasantly surprised.

*Note:  Even of you are not allergice to synthetic fragrance, you might want to avoid it - for both your health and that of others.  Many of the chemicals used are possible carcinogens and others have many adverse effects on the body.  In any case, they are toxins and increase your toxic load.  This uses up more nutrients and just makes it harder for your body to get to or to maintain good health.  And because you cannot keep fragrance to yourself, other sensitive people bill also benefit.

Also, if you want to avoid fragrance, it is important that you look for “fragrance-free” products, not just “unscented”.  “Unscented” products often have fragrance that is used to try to mask the odor of the ingredients. 

Hypoallergenic:  The term “hypoallergenic” actually has no standard or FDA-imposed meaning.  It basically is whatever the manufacturer wants it to mean, and hence is not necessarily a useful term.

Some natural skincare products contain only essential oils as fragrance.  While this is much better than synthetic fragrance, many people today seem to react to essential oils as well.  This may be because they are often made from non-organic oils, and the pesticides are concentrated in the oils, or it may be just because it is so concentrated in general, and many of us are no longer in the best of health, that is is just too much for your body to handle.  In any case, if even essential oils cause symptoms in you, it is important to look for fragrance-free natural skincare products. 


Making Your Own Natural Skincare or Organic Skin Care

Another option is making your own natural and/or organic skincare items.  Lip balm is one of the easiest to make, and lotion is not too hard either.  You will need a little time, and some simple ingredients.  Natural lip balm can be made out of beeswax and some type of oil, it’s very simple,  you can also add a natural fragrance if you like, such as vanilla.  I often use beeswax, shea butter (which is very healing), coconut oil and just a touch of sea buckthorn oil, which is high in beta carotene and gives it a nice golden color.  (Hint:  Use a double boiler to keep from burning ingredients)  You can buy lip balm tubes and many ingredients online.  One place we like is Mountain Rose Herbs:

Mountain Rose Herbs. A Herbs, Health and Harmony C

In order to make your own natural skincare such as lotion or a face cream, you also need a water base, and along with the water, can use some pure aloe vera gel.  I often use vitamin C and vitamin E for preservatives, and a little bit of xantham gum as an emulsifier.  You need to heat the water portion separately from the oil portion (beeswax is part of the oil portion), and then beat them together until they emulsify.  I keep one jar in the fridge, and the extra jars in the freezer until I need them.  They don’t have to be kept in the fridge, but will keep longer that way without any heavy duty, toxic preservatives, and after all, that’s why you want natural skin care in the first place, so it won’t be toxic!  If you want organic skincare, which I highly recommend, just source as much of the ingredients as possible organic!  Mountain Rose Herbs has a great selection of organic as well as high quality non-organic oils and other items for your natural and organic skin care.

Natural Skincare with Antioxidants and Coconut Oil

RawBurst-Organic-Whole-FoodOne of the best natural ways to take care of your skin and keep it younger-looking is to protect your body from free radical damage.  This can be done both internally and externally.  Internally, it is important that you get a high level of antioxidants in your diet.  Many fruits and vegetables, as well as beverages like green tea are high in antioxidants, especially berries!  But we are exposed to a lot of chemicals today, and these toxins cause free radicals.  This can increase our need for antioxidants, but if you decide to supplement, this is one category that is especially important to get naturally!  Try a whole food fruit and berry supplement.  One we highly recommend is RawBurst.

Another way to keep free radicals down internally is to cut way back or eliminate the amount of vegetable oil that you consume.  Vegetable oils break down very fast, once separated from the vegetable they came from, and then they can create free radicals.  Using vegetable oils for cooking accelerates this process, and is never recommended.  Instead, use a more stable fat, like coconut oil.  We recommend either the virgin type or an expeller pressed variety that is processed without chemicals.  Pesticide residue is not much of a problem for coconut oil, so if you need to save money, get one that is not certified organic, as long as no chemicals were used in the processing.

Coconut oil is also a great natural skincare idea.  Just use it straight on your skin, espescially right after a bath or shower while your skin is still damp.  Over time, it can help repair dry, damaged skin.  You might want to add a little natural vitamin E at the same time.  Coconut oil is natural skincare made easy!

You can also use oils directly on your hair to help to condition and soften it, especially if you have dry hair.  Avocado, olive and coconut oils are all good, as these types of oils tend to go deep into the hair shaft, and hence simply work better than other oils.

More on Vitamins and Natural Skin Care

Organic & Natural Skin Care: 
For Healthy, Younger-Looking Skin!
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