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 Masada  Dead Sea
High Mineral Bath Salts


Bath  and Spa Products

Easing Pain.  Calming Tension. Coaxing out Toxins.  Nothing compares to the natural therapy  of  Masada Dead Sea Salts. See for yourself.

The Masada bath salts are high in minerals, coming from the Dead Sea where a high concentration of calcium, magnesium, potassium and important trace minerals are contained in the salt. Not all bath salts are alike!  Masada is over   5o% minerals, instead of mostly salt like other bath salts. Try Masada for yourself.


If you are lucky enough to live by a beach with warm ocean water, or be able to go there on vacation, you can soak up lots of minerals right out of the water, including magnesium.  However, most of us do not have that luxury.  But you can get many of the same benefits by adding Dead Sea Salts to your bath, or even to a foot bath.  Did you know that many people are deficient in magnesium?  And that it is difficult to replenish your magnesium supplies because often an amount lower than what you need taken orally causes loose bowels?  Try some Dead Sea Salts today!

Select the bath salts that are best for you:

sea salt benefitsUnscented Dead Sea SaltsScented Dead Sea SaltsMineral Herb Salts

 Dead Sea Salts

dead_seaDead Sea Salts History - The  Dead Sea lies at the bottom of a tectonic  trench that was formed during a geographic  cataclysm more than two million years  ago. It lies more than 400 meters below  the Mediterranean, making it the lowest  point on Earth. The Dead Sea is actually  a lake bordered on the north by the  Jordan River, but having no outlet on  the south.

In the 1950’s, physician studies concluded that authentic  salts extracted from the Dead Sea have  a proven therapeutic effect on skin  ailments such as psoriasis and eczema.  Regular bathing in these salts was shown  to provide great relief from such psoriasis  symptoms as itching, burning, flakiness  and muscle and joint aches.

Beyond these therapeutic effects for  the skin, the University of Jerusalem  has provided evidence that Dead Sea  Mineral Salts also stimulate circulation  and encourage the skin to renew itself.  In addition, subcutaneous penetration  helps relieve aches and pains in joints  and muscles, providing much relief for  those who experience rheumatism and  arthritis.


Not all bath salts  are created equal, but the Masada name is world renowned for quality.  All of its products contain authentic,  100% natural, unprocessed mineral salts  taken from the southernmost part of  the Dead Sea, where mineral concentration  is richest. The Masada Collection began  with one simple product: naturally unscented  Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts. Letters  of thanks poured in and dermatologists  and orthopedic surgeons across the country  began to recommend Masada Dead Sea Mineral  Salts as an adjunct in the treatment  of eczema, psoriasis and arthritis.

Today, Masada products  utilize three of nature's most potent  healing agents: Dead Sea Mineral Salts,  Herbs and Aromatic Essences. Herbal  therapy assists in the natural relief  of life's most common aches and pains.  Aromatherapy offers unique psychological  and physical benefits. When these are  combined with Dead Sea Mineral therapy,  the body has a great opportunity to  restore itself to health, relaxation,  and joy.

Even among Dead Sea  Mineral Salts, only genuine Southern Dead Sea mineral Salts are unchallenged  as the optimal therapeutic bath salts.  These have the highest concentration  of minerals, and is the secret to why  Masada Salts work so much better at  relieving stress, easing muscular aches,  relieving skin disorders and helping  prevent and relieve bacterial infections.

These bath salts come  in Unscented, Lavender, Eucalyptus,  Rainforest, Lily Jasmine and more. Or  try the Mineral Herb Spa items for whatever  ails you: Stress Relief, Joint/Muscle,  Cold & Flu, Detox MD, Skin Calming  or Women Only. These are Masada Dead  Sea Mineral Salts along with specific  natural herbs known for healing and  essential aromatic essences.

Benefits of Masada Dead Sea Mineral  Salts


Masada Dead Sea Mineral Salts are over 50%  minerals, vs. regular ocean (sea) salts  which are only about 3.5% minerals -   the rest being sodium chloride.



Masada  Dead Sea Salts




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