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biokleenEcoViva is proud to offer the Biokleen line of cleaning products for many household cleaning uses, including kitchen and laundry. Biokleen natural cleaning products are remarkable for their combination of excellent cleaning power and environmentally safe, non-toxic ingredients. They use grapefruit seed extract, citrus peel, cold pressed orange oil, botanical extracts, minerals and other naturally derived ingredients. Many of their products have a pleasant orange scent, and are well tolerated by most with chemical sensitivities and allergies. Biokleen also has a few new natural cleaning products that are sold under their "free & clear" label, with no scents at all for those with severe chemical sensitivies. Last, but not least, Biokleen is a socially responsible manufacturer, providing honest, informative labeling and green packaging (including 100% post-consumer waste bottles).

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Biokleen’s everyday cleaning choices affect our health, the health of our families, and the health of our planet. Biokleen's natural cleaning products are concentrated in order to leave the smallest footprint on the environment. Our cleaning products are concentrated in order to leave the smallest footprint on the environment.

Biokleen Has High Green Cleaning Standards

Biokleen regularly sets and exceeds green cleaning standards with their safe & natural household, commercial and industrial cleaners that really work. All their natural cleaning products are formulated with safe, high-quality natural ingredients, giving you effective products without jeopardizing the health of workers, customers or the environment. Biokleen's natural cleaning products are proven measurably more effective than other natural cleaners. They are highly concentrated and economical ‚Ä“ often more economical than regular, toxic brands if you compare how much it actually takes to clean, especially the bulk sizes. They are also certified by a third party for performance, content and quality, comply with stringent environmentally preferred purchasing programs, and are in partnership with the EPA’s design for the environment. These Biokleen non-toxic natural cleaning products meet or exceed the Green Seal GS-37 standards for cleaners. They also meet the strictest standards set by the Unified Green Cleaning Alliance and are all made in the USA!



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