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Really Raw® Honey


"After tasting your honey, I just can't use any  other honey! They just don't taste right..."

-- Joel Cohen; Amber, Pa.

"I have been using and recommending Really Raw Honey for the past seven years as a sweetener for daily use. I use Really Raw Honey in smoothies, yogurt, sauces, and in baking, the taste is wonderful.

Really Raw Honey is one of the only brands of commercially available  honey that is truly "raw" or "unheated". This assures the user that they are receiving all of the naturally occurring enzymes and other  co-factors contained in honey. Because Really Raw Honey is unheated and  contains enzymes and traces of pollen and propolis, it doesn't seem to  cause or exacerbate blood sugar imbalances.

I will definitely continue to use Really Raw Honey as part of my  daily diet and recommend it to patients, clients, customers, and family  members."

-- Jordan S. Rubin; Founder and CEO of The  Garden of Life

"Really Raw Honey has been an integral part of  my healing. I had severe digestion problems resulting from mercury  poisoning. It's also a nice energy stabilizer, for balancing the blood  sugar level. Now I can share this information with my patients!"

-- Dr. James Park Chiropractor; Mankato,  Kansas

"I recommend Really Raw Honey for customers  looking for cold medicines. It's great because I can't suggest  over-the-counter cold medicines to people with certain conditions such  as high blood pressure, heart or thyroid problems. This honey works  wonders!"

-- Sofia Lilinstein, Pharmacist; L & S  Pharmacy, Brooklyn, NY

"Really Raw Honey is the best. It is the only  honey I know of (and I've looked, believe me) that is really raw. I  recommend it to all my patients. I use Really Raw Honey to treat  allergies, hay fever, prostate enlargement, diabetes, hypoglycemia and  many other conditions. It is a valuable aid in my practice."

-- Dr. Thomas Cowan, MD; Peterborough, NH


Awards for
Really Raw
® Honey

"Taste of Expo 2005"
-Natural Products  Expo East, 2005

"Raw Honey Category"
-American Culinary  Institute, 2002

"Best Tasting Healthful Honey"
-Food  & Wine Magazine, 1991



Really Raw® Honey

Really Organic Raw Honey.  Pure and Unfiltered.

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