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Wheat Belly – Book Review & Summary

Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health
By William Davis, MD



Wheat Belly is the story of how food pyramid guidelines to eat more wheat and grains may be causing us health problems like diabetes, and also making us fat!  Dr. Davis tells us that the altered wheat of today may bring wheat producers more money, but it is not healthy for us. He says that even whole wheat tends to boost our blood sugar to unacceptable levels, and this in turn causes weight gain and blood sugar problems.  Although there are many other factors involved, such as our lifestyles and other poor food choices, he believes that wheat has perhaps a bigger effect than most of us would think.  In fact, in Wheat Belly, he makes the case that our diabetes and obesity epidemics have a lot to do with wheat consumption.

Wheat can also be addictive because it binds with opiate receptors in the brain, and this can and does produce a morphine-like effect.  If you crave wheat, you are more likely to be addicted to it.  You may also be allergic or sensitive to wheat, causing symptoms like fatigue, brain fog and irritability.  But becoming wheat free is even more important if you are allergic to it, and in Wheat Belly, Dr. Davis says that when you take the wheat out of your diet, you will just naturally eat less – in fact, up to 400 calories less per day!


Wheat Belly Book Review

I give Wheat Belly five thumbs up!  There are parts that are a bit complicated, but there is so much good information in there that I highly recommend it.  Especially if you tend to put fat on your belly, you will likely be able to benefit from Wheat Belly.  If you crave wheat, you may benefit even more, as that is a sign of addiction and allergies, which means you need more than others to get off of wheat.

He also has some other good diet ideas in Wheat Belly that I wholeheartedly support, like adding lots of vegetables to your diet, fruit in moderation, getting rid of trans-fats, limiting other grains, and staying away from packaged foods, which have high amounts of MSG.  He also recommends using good oils like coconut oil and olive oil, and not being afraid of eating meats and eggs, but grass-fed if possible.   Wheat Belly also includes a sample 1 week diet, for those who say ‘what is there besides wheat?’  and also some good recipes.

For more information on Wheat Belly, and a more detailed review, check this link on our sister website:

Healthy Eating Rx


To purchase Wheat Belly on Amazon:



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