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pH Balance

Is Your pH in Balance?
How Important is pH?




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pH Trio by Premier and pHion for - for optimal pH balancing!


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pH Balance is very important in the body.  Many of us, due to a lack of minerals and other nutrients, as well as chronic infections or other diseases, have an acid pH.  Many scientists think this is a huge problem because they feel acidity in the body leads to cancer and many other degenerative diseases.  Have you tested your pH lately?  1st morning pH should be 6.4 to 7.0.  If yours is not, you may be heading on the path to worsening health.  In addition, you may not be absorbing or utilizing some of the vitamin and other nutritional supplements you are taking - what a waste!  One of the first things many alternative health care practitioners will recommend to their patients is to get their pH levels up where they should be.  So why not check your pH today?




Many take supplements to get the pH up into a safe level as quickly as possible, but you can also do it by changing your diet.  Greens are very alkalinizing, as are vegetables and vegetable juices.  We highly recommend organic as they tend to be higher in the minerals your body needs!

Some supplements that have been effective in boosting pH include coral calcium along with vitamin D and aloe; greens and pHion’s alkaline water, minerals and greens.  And don’t forget the vitamin D - your calcium levels have a lot to do with your pH status, and you need adequate vitamin D in order to absorb and utilize calcium!

Water ionizers like the Tyent model also produce alkaline water that can help you boost your pH!

Water Ionizer 

Make sure and get some pH test strips if you don’t have them already to see what your diet and/or supplements do to your pH levels.

If you have a hard time getting your pH into the optimal range, it could be because of a chronic infection that you may have to deal with first.  This might be in your mouth, your gut, or elsewhere, but it is important to hunt it down, or try a good anti-infective such as garlic or an allicidin supplement.

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