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Why Fish Oil?

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Americans are
Gaining Weight
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Whey Protein

Boost Your Energy, Immune System and Metabolism

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Food-Based Vitamins
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Only 1 in 40 vitamins are effective and
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Vitamins Rx


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Coconut Oil
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Whole Food Vitamins

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If you are looking for vitamins to supplement your diet, we highly recommend Whole Food Vitamins and Superfoods like Cod Liver Oil, Greens & Super Juices like Noni, Goji & Acai.


    pH - Balance

    Vitamin Complexes

    Super Foods


    Weight Loss

    Immune Support

    Energy Boost

    Blood Sugar Support

    Digestive Support

    Oils and Essential
    Fatty Acids

    Hormone support

    Organ Support


Look for top quality, 100% whole food based vitamins that contain all the supporting co-factors contained in the nutritional supplement.  With Whole food Vitamins, your body will have the other nutrients needed for your body to fully utilize the vitamins. 




The following links will take you to websites that sell
Quality Whole Food Vitamins & Nutritional Supplements:

Premier & Healthforce:


Genesis Today Products, Carlson Fish Oil, Gaia Herbs, The Synergy Co:


Alkalinizing Products & pH Strips:

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OxyPowder Colon Cleanse; Paratrex, IntraCal, IntraMax, Vit D3 & More:

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Premier, Healthforce, Gaia Herbs + Organic Foods:


Celtic Sea Salt & Many Natural Supplements:


Vital Choice Salmon Capsules & Wild Caught Salmon!


Note:  We have included some links that take you to sites that sell whole food supplements as well as synthetic supplements, but we include these because they either have some really good products that are hard to find elsewhere and/or they have really good prices!

Ascorbic Acid Made From White Sugar

Did you know that the ascorbic acid found in most vitamin C products is synthetic and made in a lab usually from some type of white sugar?  Did you know that vitamin C is not just the ascorbic acid, but a complex of nutrients that work together?  Just taking ascorbic acid is kind of like just eating the lemon peel and discarding the rest of the lemon!  Throw out your synthetic, isolated vitamins and try some 100% whole food vitamin complexes instead!

B Vitamins Made From Coal Tar Derivatives

Did you know that most B vitamins on the market today are synthetic and often made out of coal tar derivatives?  Ughh!!  Also, B vitamins work together in synergy, and unless you are being treated by a health care practitioner for a specific condition, taking isolated B vitamins may cause imbalances!

Alpha-Tocopherol only 1 Part of Vitamin E

Did you know that Vitamin E is not just alpha-tocopherol, like most supplements provide?  It is actually a complex, like the B and C vitamins that work best when taken together!

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