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Fluoride – a Toxic Poison
or an Essential Nutrient?

Many people still seem to think that adding fluoride is good for you and good for your teeth.  However, if you take the time to really study the available research, you would fin that the fluoride that is added to our water supplies is really a toxic poison!  Even Proctor and Gamble has said:  "A seven ounce tube of toothpaste… contains enough fluoride to kill a small child."

UC-2K-FluorideMost of the fluoride added to our water supplies is NOT the naturally occurring fluoride, but a fertilizer and aluminum industry by-product called silicofluoride.  This product is not allowed by the EPA to be dumped into the ocean, it is too toxic!  Silicofluorides are 85 times more toxic – this makes it more toxic than lead even in minute doses and almost as toxic as arsenic!  It can damage especially the young growing brains of our children and cause behavioral problems as well as lowered IQ.  It has been shown to increase cancer rates and cause bone problems as well.  There are scientists who believe that even at lose doses, fluoride is capable of causing a "wide variety of harmful (health) effects."

According to an article on Dr. Mercola's website, fluoride can also change the shape of enzymes in your body, causing them to not work properly.  This is very important because enzymes are the catalysts that cause all sorts of important functions to occur in the body.  Then the body thinks the enzymes are foreign invaders to the body and this can cause autoimmune problems in the body.  Enzymes are so important that if their shapes are changed, accelerated aging will occur. 

Did you know that when Alcoa's Vancouver, Washington plant dumped 1,000 to 7,000 pounds of fluoride into the Columbia river every month, they were found guilty of putting a poison into the water?  But when city officials put this much fluoride into the city water supplies, or more, they are supposedly doing it in the name of better health?  For example, San Francisco uses 5,000 pounds per day!

In addition, it has actually not ever been proven in well-designed scientific studies to lower rates of dental decay. Dental costs in fluoridated communities are higher because dental fluorosis is higher and hence the teeth are more brittle.

We are already exposed to fluoride from foods grown with fluoridated water as well as juices and other beverages and fluoridated toothpastes.  Most other countries in the developed world, including most countries in Europe, have banned fluoridation of their water supplies, for many of the above reasons.  In addition, according to the World Health Organization, the condition of the children's teeth in Europe, without fluoridated water, is as good or better than here in America.

For lots more information, we recommend Dr. Mercola's website.  Just type in fluoride in the search function at the top and you will get a lot more information.

If you are serious about getting the fluoride out of your water supply, EcoViva has a water filter that will pull out much of the fluoride.

Now, fluoride is added to our water under the premise that it is good for our teeth, even though many studies have shown that this is not true.  Other countries in Europe, for example, have stopped fluoridating their water because they decided, based on the evidence, that this was not a good idea! 

 If your water is fluoridated, and you want to eliminate it, get the Fluoride Filter with the UC-2K Model.

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