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Are You Still Eating Trans-Fatty Acids?

Trans-fatty acids are molecules that have changed their shape after being heated or hydrogenated. They contribute to heart disease by increasing the “bad” LDL’s, and damage the immune system and liver function. They also have been linked to cancer.

transFatTableTrans-fatty acids are still found in many products because hydrogenated oils prolong shelf life and make food smoother, softer or crisper. Trans-fatty acids are found in margarine, deep-fried foods such as donuts and French fries. They are in most processed foods – packaged cookies, cakes and salad dressings, as well as many frozen dinners. They are also found in most processed oils, like soybean and canola oil. Unfortunately, they are often found in olive oil as well, since many olive oils are not 100% olive oil.

oliveOilThe oils added to olive oil must be highly processed in order to make them undetectable, and that means trans-fatty acids! It’s better to make your own foods and to use and cook with extra-virgin coconut oil, real organic olive oil, and organic butter from pasture-fed cows. Remember not to heat the butter or oil over high temperatures.

You may also need an “oil change.”  If you have been consuming trans fatty acids over the years, then you may need to supplement with EFAs like EPA and DHA found in fish oil, cod liver oil, and in Moxxor, along with Vitamin E and lecithin to get your body to replace those trans fatty acids with the good oils / fats.  Moxxor is only sold at the Moxxor site, but you can find other supplements like cod liver oil at


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