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How Can You Tell If A Nutritional Product Is Worth Taking?

What are the odds of getting a non-toxic and effective nutritional product? A landmark research study shows the odds of purchasing an effective, non-toxic vitamin supplement today is only 2.5% (J.A.N.A. study, 2000). Since the majority of so-called "nutritional" products on the market are either toxic or ineffective, how can you, the consumer, judge whether a product is worth taking? The following five guidelines are simple ways that you can tell whether the product is worthwhile:

Five Questions To Ask Before You Buy

  1. Is the product made with vegetable capsules?

    Tablets: Hidden Toxins. When the FDA first approved the use of tablets, they were never intended to be used long term.  By their very nature, tablets need glues and binders (both of which are toxic) to hold them together. In addition, the nutrients become highly heated when smashed together to form a hard tablet. This greatly reduces the effectiveness of the nutrients. Tablets are hard to digest and assimilate. When tablets are consumed long term, the toxic chemical agents can bio-accumulate and later create new symptoms, toxicity and absorption problems.  Stay away from vitamins, minerals, herbs and other supplements that are made out of tablets.

    Gelatin Capsules: No Thanks. Gelatin capsules are also hard to digest, requiring a certain temperature of liquid in order to dissolve. When taking gelatin capsules, a sticky glue-like effect can be created in the intestines, inhibiting assimilation and causing digestive problems.  Ever feel sick at your stomach after taking a nutritional product?  Your body is relaying the message back to you that the product is toxic to your system.  Gelatin, coming from animal hooves and other animal parts, may contain toxic preservatives, chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics that have been fed to the animals.   Say no to gelatin capsules.

    Vcaps: The Best Choice. Vegetable capsules (Vcaps) are easy to digest and assimilate, add increased fiber to the intestines, dissolve regardless of the temperature of the liquid in the stomach, and create no problem with nausea or indigestion.  Take only pure vegetable capsules for healthy digestion and absorption.
  2. What are the "Other Ingredients" on the label?

    Many supplements test toxic due to "other ingredients" added to the product, listed (or sometimes NOT listed!) under "Supplement Facts".  Avoid toxic ingredients such as magnesium stearate or stearic acid (toxic flowing agents), silicon dioxide (common sand used as an expensive filler that makes the bottle weigh more with the hope that the uneducated consumer will equate weight with higher quality), natural flavors (a common term for toxic MSG used to disguise bland tastes), methylcellulose, carnauba wax, titanium dioxide, and many more. If you are not sure of what you are taking, do not take it!  These toxic chemical agents can create significant health problems when consumed over time. 
  3. Are There Any Synthetic Ingredients?

    Consume products that contain only nutritive ingredients from complexes of once living source plant concentrates, not synthetics or fractionated vitamins created in a laboratory test tube.

    Do Not Be Duped!
    All this time, you thought you were doing something really good for yourself by taking a daily multi-vitamin or other supplements, but the vitamin pills you have been taking are most likely synthetic! Most vitamin products are made from synthetic or isolated nutrients - forms that do not naturally occur in nature. They are made in labs, often from toxic substances. Synthetic vitamins only mimick the real vitamin forms found in nature. These artificial forms may help you in the short run, especially if you are seriously vitamin deficient, but in the long run, they can age you faster and create even more serious health symptoms and challenges.

    Take B Vitamins For Example.
    A good example of "junk" nutritional supplements is B vitamins. Most people do not know that most B vitamins are made from petrochemicals! For your best health, take a whole-nutrient B vitamin and avoid synthetics. Synthetics will be listed on the label as follows: Vitamin B1 (thiamine), Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (niacin), Vitamin B5 (calcium pantothenate). In contrast, whole-nutrient living source B vitamins, as found in liquid B extracts and top quality nutritional flakes (made from Saccharomyces cervisae grown on molasses), are not synthetic and provide a full spectrum of naturally occurring B vitamins.

    But what is wrong with isolated vitamins?
    In addition to being synthetic, isolated vitamins are missing all their naturally occurring essential synergistic co-factors and transporters. A synthetic vitamin can stimulate a cell's metabolism, but it cannot upgrade or replace the cell's components with superior, better quality elements. The results? A degraded cell.
  4. Does the label say "Manufactured By" or "Manufactured For"?

    When a company turns over the manufacturing process to someone else, they lose control of how the product is made. Toxic agents may be added to the product or sneaky substitutions can be made in order to save money.
  5. Has the nutritional product been clinically tested?

    Many vitamin, mineral and other nutritional supplements rely on "testimonies" and anecdotal stories to promote their products. The beneficial results may be from the product or some other reason. The only way to be sure a product works is when there are clinical tests of the product to be sure they work the way they are designed to work. Most nutritional products available today have not been clinically tested. When you use them, you cannot be sure they will have any effect. A product may sound good on an infomercial or from the hype of a distributor of the supplement, but unless it has been clinically tested, you have no way of knowing whether or not it truly works. Before buying a product, be sure it has been clinically tested.

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* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product or products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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