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Low-Fat  Diets Don’t Work

Are you still caught up in the low-fat mantra of  the past couple decades? Do you think you have to cut back on the  amount of fat you eat if you are trying to lose weight? These ideas  are still so prevalent in our media and in the low-fat products  you see everywhere, in the grocery stores and in restaurants, that  it’s no wonder you may still believe this. In fact, even many  doctors still believe this.

 However, according to the U.S. Center  for Disease Control , in 1999-2000, an estimated 64% of adults  in the United States were either obese or overweight. That is  almost 2/3 of the adult population! 1/3 of our children are now  overweight as well, and these figures are increasing.

In the past  30 years, the number of overweight children has doubled. In just  the past decade, the number of obese people in the U.S. has gone  up 2 times. Fifty years ago, only a small percentage of  the population had problems with their weight. Now it’s an  epidemic! All this has happened while we cut back from 40% to around  32% fat as a percentage of our diet.

Low-fat diets not only don’t work, but  they are not healthy, not natural, and they tend  to promote weight gain! Research confirms this statement. The  famous Framingham Study that started in 1948 is still going on, and  it shows that the more saturated fat, the more calories, and the more  cholesterol a person ate, the lower their serum cholesterol! The results  also show that the more fat they ate, the less they weighed! We are  eating less fat as a nation, but are gaining weight. There are a number  of reasons for this. One is that since fat gives foods much of their  flavor, when manufacturers cut out the fat, they add sugar, MSG and  other chemicals to the food to enhance the taste. These can all have  adverse effects on both our weight and our health.

The  Types of “Good”  Fats We Recommend:


  • Virgin Coconut Oil and other Coconut products
  • Full-Fat Dairy Products from Pastured Cows
    • Whole Milk
    • Whole Milk Yogurt and Kefir
    • Full-Fat Cheeses
    • Butter
    • Cream
  • Meat from pastured cows, poultry and lamb
  • Eggs from pastured chickens or at least high omega-3  eggs from the store
  • Fatty fish, like wild salmon


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