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Updated August 2011

Antioxidants, Helpful or Hurtful?

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There was a recent article  in the Journal of the American Medical  Association (JAMA) that concluded that  taking antioxidants actually increased  your risk of death, instead of making  you healthier. This was reported in the  Washington Post, without proper explanation  of the JAMA article and its conclusions.  It is true that studies, including the  ones that JAMA referred to, show that  antioxidants do NOT help users live longer.  However, what was not pointed out by the  Washington Post is that theses studies  all used synthetic vitamin A and E, not  natural sources.

Synthetic Antioxidants Degrade Cells

Furthermore,  most other studies over the years on antioxidants  have used SYNTHETIC antioxidants and have  consequently shown that these synthetic  antioxidants degrade your cells over time  and cause adverse health effects. For  example, studies have shown that synthetic  beta-carotene actually increases your  risk of cancer, while natural beta-carotene  decreases it! The message is clear: synthetic  antioxidants should not be consumed “  they can and do harm your health for many  reasons.

Synthetic Vitamins Made In Labs Like  Drugs

Synthetic vitamins, including  antioxidants such as vitamin A, B, C &  E, are all concocted in labs, just like  drugs are. In fact, most B vitamins are  coal tar derivatives. Most ascorbic acid  or synthetic vitamin C is made by fermenting  corn sugar into sorbitol, then hydrogenating  it. After this process, acetone (i.e.  nail polish remover) is added to break  the molecular bonds which then creates  isolated, crystalline, ascorbic acid.  Does this sound like something that is  good for your body?

These synthetic vitamins  have been shown to be treated like foreign  substances in the body, just as drugs  are. This means that the body has to work  hard to detoxify the body from them, even  though most of us are overloaded right  now with detoxifying our bodies of numerous  environmental chemicals. This tends to  cancel out or even outweigh any positive  benefits the nutrient might bring to your  body.

Synthetic Vitamins Lack Co-Factors

In addition, synthetic  vitamins are notorious for lacking all  the co-factors your body needs in order  to make good use of that nutrient. This  means your body will take those other  co-factors if possible from other areas  of your body where they are needed. This  depletes your body of other essential  nutrients. The JAMA article about antioxidants  also went on to state that vitamins and  antioxidants should be consumed from living  source fruits and vegetables, although  this was grievously omitted from the Washington  Post article.

Antioxidants Protect From Diseases

One problem with simply  throwing out all antioxidant supplements  is that more and more research is showing  us the very important role that antioxidants  play in protecting us from things like  heart disease and cancer and extending  our lives. Antioxidants help to quench  free radicals, which are unstable molecules  that can cause damage in our bodies. These  free radicals are produced normally in  our bodies, but much larger quantities  are produced by most people these days  because of excess pollution, environmental  toxins, and stress in our modern day lives.

50% Fewer Antioxidants in Foods Today

Unfortunately, most people  don't get enough vitamins and minerals  in their foods today. They often don't  eat well enough to begin with, but even  if they try to eat well, most of our food  today has a lower vitamin and mineral  content than our foods at the turn of  the century. In fact, some studies have  shown a decrease of 50 percent in antioxidants  in our foods over the past couple decades.  That is a huge decline! In addition to  this, we have a much greater need for  antioxidants today in order to help protect  our bodies against the free radicals caused  by toxins and stress.

Supplementing With Antioxidants

This means that supplementing  with various antioxidants like vitamins  A, B, C, E, as well as DHLA and Green  Tea is still important for many of us  today if we want to live long, healthy  lives, but we need to choose only whole  food supplements. True, 100% whole food  supplements with NO synthetic or toxic  ingredients are unfortunately the exception,  not the rule today, however, they can  be found if you take the time to search  for them.

Moxxor - a Powerful omega-3 and Antioxidant Supplement

Some recommended brands of whole food vitamins and nutritional supplements include

  • Moxxor
  • Premier Research Labs
  • Quantum Nutrition Labs
  • Healthforce Nutritionals
  • Genesis Today 100% pure Noni, Goji, Acai & Mangosteen
  • Gaia Herbs
  • The Synergy Company
  • Kids Wellness

Some of our favorite stores carrying these items include:


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