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B Vitamins & Depression

by Maureen Sargent
EcoViva, LLC

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Are you suffering from depression?  Did you know that several of the B vitamins have an important role to play in mood and mental health?  Research has shown that low levels of the B complex vitamins can lead to a greater likelihood of being depressed.  B vitamins also play an important part in keeping our nervous system healthy, so along with depression, a low B vitamin status can cause anxiety as well.  Often boosting your B vitamin intake can also help to boost your mood and relax your body.  Even if you are on anti-depressants, studies have shown that they work better in conjunction with B vitamins.

Many Today Have Depleted B Vitamins

Many of us today have depleted our B vitamin stores with stress, refined sugar and flour intake, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and more.  Did you know that your body needs B vitamins just to process white flour and white sugar?  White flour has had all the B vitamins milled out of it, and they add back in just some of them, in a synthetic form.  White sugar has also been stripped of all B vitamins so your body has to use up B vitamins it got from other foods every time you eat it, just to process it!  The average intake of refined sugar in this country has risen to record levels so it would be no surprise that many of us are low in B vitamins.

B Complex Formula Works Better

Many of the B complex vitamins are involved in supporting a healthy mood, including B1, B3, B5, B6, B12 and Folic Acid, and there are many vitamin formulas out there that contain high amounts of some of these, like B6 and B12.  However, unless you are specifically being treated by a doctor who has tested your B vitamin levels, we recommend using a B complex vitamin formula, and many of the B vitamins work in conjunction with each other, and taking high levels of certain B vitamins in isolation can work against you in the long run.

Natural B Vitamins Better than Synthetic

We also recommend a natural formula, rather than synthetic, as synthetic vitamins tend to be recognized by the body as a drug, and they probably do not have all the co-factors your body needs to properly utilize them.  Most B vitamins you find even in health food stores are synthetic, often derived from coal tar! 


Max Stress B Nano

Max Stress B Nano is the brand we recommend, a food-based all natural, beyond organic supplement in liquid form for high absorption and delivery right to your cells, despite any digestive problems many of us have.  If you don't get the Max Stress B Brand, we highly recommend looking for a natural, food-based brand for the best results.  You don't need the same high levels of vitamins if you get a food-based supplement, as they are absorbed at much higher rates than the synthetic ones.

More information on Vitamin B

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